The Confirmation

Exodus 25:2

“You are to receive the offering for me from each man whose heart prompts him to give.”

This is the first verse I read today from exodus after a painful day of distress in planning yesterday.  I woke up and did my studies and was a bit uneasy.  As was my custom I spent about 2-3 hours on Wednesdays working “on” my life not just “in” my life.  Some great advice I got from one of Mark Driscoll’s sermons.  And so, as I was going through my budget, it started to get real that money is running out.  I have about 5.2 months left in savings.  I also was feeling a bit…bored…or underutilized…or well, just had too much free time.  I wanted to give more, but not seeing an immediate need.  And so, I took it to prayer about what I should be doing, whether getting  part time job now to start bringing in money, or to start raising support, or to pour into other ministries and studies.  I was earnestly seeking direction and guidance from God.  I prayed with my friends and with my girlfriend that night.

Last night as I was laying down to sleep and old idea was revived in me.  The plan was to get at least 150 people to donate a portion of the money I would need per month for the duration of my time here in Seattle, which is as little as 18 months.  All of a sudden a list of names just starts pouring through my mind as I think and rethink the implications of this.  Part of the working on life that I did was start my blog, so that people would be able to follow what I am doing and even donate.  I want to bring  people under the guise of what God is doing in my life, that they may see that God does answer prayers.  This is the real blessing of this.

Perhaps God can work through my life and my writings to change people’s hearts.  And so, I was becoming restless as I lay there awake pondering for upwards of an hour.  Today when I woke up, it was right on the tip of my tongue.  I started my morning routine in prayer and study, and I came to the place where I was at in Exodus in my yearly reading plan.  The second verse I read was Exo 25:2.  And I’m still, mind you, wrestling with the idea of fundraising.  Is it God’s will?  Is that what he is calling me to?  Oh, that we wouldn’t doubt so much what God is doing in our lives.  And so I read the verse, it just hit me. I read it slowly as if the words were pouring out of the mouth of God himself.  I felt confirmed.  I then put the plan into action.  I gave myself 2 months to get it off the ground and start bringing in money.  Pray to God that his will would be done, that I would be kept from both Pride and Greed.  May I only raise what he has called me to.   In his blessed name, Amen.

And all of this that I might fully devote myself to the Lord and not waste time worrying about money.  Yes that I may pour myself more fully into the Lord’s work.  That I might be trained up as a Pastor, that more lives might be touched for Jesus.  It is all about Jesus.  He has my life.  Oh the joy that people will be able to contribute to this great work.  Thank you Jesus, in you name.

The rest of Exodus 25 is  God’s very specific plan for building a dwelling place for him.  Exodus 25:8 “Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them”.  If that doesn’t sound like the church I don’t know what does.  I believe God is confirming in me right now that the plan is to build a church.  And as specifically as he gives the orders in exodus 25, is as specifically as he will give me orders in this endeavor.  This is such a perfect chapter.  I am blown away.  The very things I was praying about for direction have come to light today.  Oh our God is an answerer of prayer.  Thank you Jesus, that you may be glorified, whether by my life or my death.

Yes help me build your church, all glory to you, forever.

Exodus 25:30

“Put the bread of the Presence on this table to be before me at all times.”

-That is, see to it that Christ is lifted up at all times in this church.

Exodus 25:40

“See that you make them according to the pattern shown you on the mountain”

-That is, see to it, that you are following God’s instructions and his alone.

Exodus 26:15

“Make upright frames of acacia wood for the tabernacle.”

-That is, see to it that only men of upright character, blameless before God are put in a position to support the Church.  These are the Elders.

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