(AP/PR) The Holy Spirit Convicts

A friend of mine calls me the other night to tell me that his laptop has been stolen from Church. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened, and some wonder why we need security at Church. Though this particular instance we had a pretty good idea who the perpetrator was.

The funny thing is that the thief left his phone number with another guy at the church. The thief turned out to be a friend of ours that we had known for some time who has struggling with a lot of things. My friend gives this guy a call and tries to get him to confess but he doesn’t.

I ran over to the church to chat with him then headed home, praying that the holy spirit would convict this guy and that he would confess and return the laptop. It turns out, after about an hour of phone tag and threatening to call the police the guy finally confessed, and we picked the laptop back up a few days later.

And in that little operation of conviction and confession there is hope. My friend and I have been praying for this fellow for sometime, but he seems to just be straying further and further from God. Yet God saw it fit to work in his heart.

Please continue to pray with us that God would save this man. If turned he could be a great help to the cause of Christ. May Jesus “flip the script” on Him, and may he come Home. Amen.

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