Weekly Update 5/14

Well, it has been an interesting two weeks.  Hardness of heart, leading to sin, leading to revealed pride was the theme of last week.  But God is gracious and this week it was a bit better, or at least a bit more clear.

It’s been exciting to lead Community Group the last three weeks and Redemption Group this week.  It is an interesting thing to not over prepare and rely on the self, or under prepare out of laziness.  Feels like the answer is somewhere in the middle, prepare, pray and then trust in the Holy Spirit and the He will lead the discussion.  Its funny that when I feel like I’m doing the worst at leading a discussion, the Spirit seems to be working most.  Oh well, praise Him!

Wedding planning continues.  My fiance and I got convicted last week after another 3 hour session of planning, that we were approaching this whole thing in a worldly manner.  This week we’ve decided to just spend some time in prayer about what God would have for us, and trusting that He will provide.  Got the sense that God was like, ‘Ok, are you guys done yet?  Are you ready for my help?’  He is good.

Gearing up to leave for FLA next week for GCM training!  Please pray for me.

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