17 days to marriage…

Fairly typical Wednesday.  The campus pastor returned so I changed up plans and went down to the campus to aid in any way I could.  Confirmed that I’ll get a couple weeks off for the wedding, which is great!  There are some exciting things brewing as I submitted my proposal to the church today so a job shift maybe coming.  Other than that made some phone calls in the evening, and getting more and more excited each passing day.

Elise, returned to work today, as she was feeling much better.  Not to busy of a day, a visit and some phone calls.  It was a nice treat to visit with her for a couple minutes after her work.  God has been really showing me what a great helper she is these past couple days, when I go to her with my needs.  What a blessing she is.  So thankful.

Still looking for a wedding coordinator…please pray for that.  And still waiting to hear the status of our rental application for our new place.  God sure is keeping it suspenseful.  Confident he will provide.

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