9 days to marriage…

Great news!  We signed our lease today so we officially have our first home!  It was great to stand there with Elise holding her, rejoicing and praying over the new place.   Hoping that God will use us there in a mighty way.  And so it continues to become more real as we inch closer to the big day.  I finished up things at work and should have next couple weeks off, which is great.  But both of us had one of those days that by the the time she picked me up to go to Community Group we were on edge and stressed.

I told her how I was just a little edgy and she told me it was just really easy for her to cry at any moment.  Somehow the tension just releases when we tell each other where we are at.  Then community group was pretty good and I think we felt better towards the end of the night.  Poor Elise misplaced her new house keys within about an hour of getting them, so we spent the night trying to figure out where they could have gone.  Pray that we find them.  Ok, well tomorrow’s a big day of packing then a week a away!!!

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