8 days to marriage…

Oh man…long day.  I think I saw 12:30am or maybe 1am last night and was awake by 5:30am.  Jeesh…hard to sleep these days.  Good day though.  Packed up the room, visited with friends, and did some more packing.  Elise had a surprise when her only visit was canceled today!  Yes, more time to catch up, then shortly after that the Dress place calls and the owner wants to see her in her dress…crazy.  They think she’s lost weight, ooohh the wedding dress!  Seems like every wedding there is a story with that.

But things are good, very excited about moving tomorrow.  I was in the place dropping off stuff today when I realized that there is almost no sound proofing through the walls…oh boy.  Drove out to Samammish with my baby, and got lost a little bit, but finally found the place where we were supposed to pick up tables and chairs for the rehearsal dinner.  Praise God!  It was a fun adventure, and we get to start bright an early tomorrow to go get our bedroom furniture!  Double yes!!

Ok, i better get some shut eye…gonna be a long day.  Pray for moving and pray for Elise’s dress!

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