7 days to marriage…

One week!  One week!  One week to marriage.  It’s so weird to think that.  Man today was a long day, I’m exhausted and sore…I must be getting old.  Woke up at 6am this morning, picked up Elise, got some Egg Mcmuffins and Coffee and we hit the road.  We drove clear up to Bothell to get our bedroom furniture, man I can’t believe that was only this morning.  Made it back by 10am just in time to start unloading the apartment to move stuff over to the new place.

God totally blessed us with lots of help and we were able to completely move my roommate and I out and into our new places in under 2 hours.  It was awesome.  Then took a few loads over myself and started to arrange the new place.

Elise went down to do another refitting of the dress, this time with Back up and it sounds like things will be A-okay!  That’s great news, I love hearing Elise so excited about things when they go well.  She then went home to clean up and pack up and get ready for the big week!  Man i’m so happy.  She came over to the place and we had dinner before she went to pick up one of her best friends from the airport.  It was a sweet time, we had dinner on a table top placed on top of a cardboard box with food prepared by Elise’s awesome roommate it was fun.  We prayed over the house and arranged our bedroom.

I can’t even explain the feeling we have.  Knowing that in one week’s time we will finally be married and everything will be different.  How cool!  Praising Jesus through it all, thankful to the core.  Amen!

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