6 days to marriage…

Yep!  This time next week we will have been married.  We shared our last communion and church service today as an unmarried couple.  It was a great service, good closeout worship set and baptisms and stories of God’s grace shared.  It was a little overwhelming in a good way.  Glad to be where we are, where God is working.

It was a good day, met up with some old friends for lunch then dropped them off at the Seahawk’s game and came back to the house to put the table together.  Elise and Kris stopped by for a bit then headed to church to tie up the few loose ends I had before taking the next couple weeks off.  No shortage of things to do these next couple days.  Praying for a light couple days of work for Elise so she can finish that up and focus on the wedding, glad she has her made of honor out here to help.  God is good.

Pray for me that I would be able to get all the things done that need to be done with moving out and upcoming wedding day.  So thankful to have the week off to do as much as I can.  And I realized today after a couple days out of the word, the need my soul has for it.  Real, spiritual nourishment.  So I plan to spend the first part of my day in study of the word.  Praising him for the opportunity, then to get to all that needs to be done.  Pray that I would serve Elise well this week, especially when I’m feeling the stress and concerned for her week.  Yes, it is in these moments that we really get to see where our heart is.

Praying for a softening, may I love her well, only by His grace.  Man…the big day is almost here.  It’s crazy, just crazy…praying.

And…a very exciting moment…Elise found her Keys today for our new place!!! I’m certain that Jesus taught us a parable about the joy accompanying finding something that was lost…so cool!

  • Elise September 13, 2010 at 9:35 am

    Praying with you my love.
    P.S. FOUND MY HOUSE KEYS!! Praise Jesus!!

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