5 Days to marriage…

Oh Mondays…last one as an unmarried man.    Well slept good again last night in the new bed and woke up and spent some good time in the word.  It is becoming increasingly harder to ward off all the other millions of things that need to be done.  But was able to immerse for a while then hit the ground running with slide shows and service orders and moving…all and all a good day.  Was feeling pretty stressed for most of it especially before going up to see Elise to work on some more stuff.

So around 6 i decided to drop what I was doing and go for a walk, chat with Jesus, get a cup of joe and just soak up where we are at…5 days away.  It’s amazing, so thankful.  Then went up to see my baby and she was making some dinner, so we chatted, then ate then spent some time discussing things.  Rejoicing in the fact that this time next week we’ll be on a cruise!!!

Luckily Elise didn’t have a crazy busy day, and praying also that tomorrow won’t be so bad and she’ll be able to finish up her work stuff fairly quickly, still a lot to do.  And she goes for her final dress fitting on Wed!  Her matron of honor was starting to feel a little sick so we can pray for her too!  She rolled 80 or so roles of silverware for the wedding today.  So awesome to have help!  Please continue to pray for wedding coordinator situation, sounds like things will be ok, but also have a back up.

Pray also that it doesn’t rain this Friday/Saturday by some miracle!  Ok, checking out for the night!

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