Thoughts on Ezekiel

The more I read these books in the context of what was going on…the more they become alive and relevant.

We see two things in the books of Ezekiel.

1.  God will fulfill his word. Just as everything Ezekiel is talking about happened with the desolation of Jerusalem, so to everything written in the Book of Revelation will come to past.  The question is do we believe it.

We get this great picture in Ezekiel and Jeremiah of the impending judgment, and the doubters and false prophets who said it will never come.  We will have peace, they said.  NO!  Destruction came then, and Judgment will come in the future. Who are our “false prophets” today?   Who says that God will not judge, that God is not angry at sin?

2.  Jesus Christ paid the price for us.  God says in Ezek 16:63, that he will make atonement and earlier says he will establish a new covenant.  This will be done through Jesus Christ.  Even in those days the people can repent and trust in their God, that he will make atonement for sins.  Jesus Christ would pay the ultimate price, the desolation of Jerusalem would have it’s full effect on the Cross of Christ!

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