What does God have for you today?

God’s given me incredible peace and joy this last week as I’ve considered this question at the start of each day:

“What does God have for me today?”

It was inspired largely from a bible study we are doing on the fruit of the spirit and from the lives of such men as George Mueller.  This question helps to turn myself outward as I ask not what I want today, but rather what God has for me.  Because God is like a good parent, he knows best, he knows that what we want is not always what we need, and like a good parent he sometimes withholds from us to show us what’s better…namely Him.  Yet he is so infinitely better, and more wise than even the best parent, and in his love he has predestined us for good works! (Eph 1, 2:10).

In this we don’t have to be thankful for a particular circumstance or trial that we are experiencing but we can be thankful in the midst of it because God is good and is working all things for good for those that love him.  This is possibly the greatest comfort and promise God has for us in our daily lives.

He is good, and we can trust him.

This was the first temptation in the Garden (Gen 3).  The serpent asks…”Did God really say…?”  and casting doubt on God’s word “You will surely not die, but God knows you will be like him if you eat of this fruit.”  This is questioning God’s goodness and character and it is detrimental to our lives…not because God wants to harm us, but because he really is good and really is the only good and the only thing we can trust in a world full of deception and false gods.

So Lord, help me, help us let go of our “wants” and receive what You have for us each day, not because the things in themselves are good or bad, but because we have a God that is Good, and is a Giver!

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