Here’s what happened today…Meet David

Please be praying for David.

As some of you may know, I am currently enrolled in the Re:Train program at Mars Hill Church.  Part of our assignment today was to go out into a local neighborhood of the city of Seattle, and learn about the culture.  So myself and two others set out to our particular area.  After walking about 10 min we came across a grungy looking fellow name David, asking if we can get him some food.

One of my friends piped up and said, sure, what would you like?  Turns out he’s a big Mcdonald’s fan, so we took a walk to the nearest McDee’s.  We bought him lunch, got to know him, shared the gospel with him and invited back to the church that evening where all of our teams were going to reassemble.  Surprisingly, he said he would come back.

So we all jumped in my pathfinder and headed back to church.  David had a cup of coffee and we just hung out some more.  Told him about some of the things we do at church, invited back for a service and to a community group.  I then took him home.  It turns out he lives in a one bedroom, but just doesn’t have any friends, or any real motivation.

We prayed for him, bought him some snacks for dinner and made an appointment to see him at church during the 9am.

Now, imagine the sequence of events from his perspective.  He wakes up this morning much like every morning and wanders around the city asking for money.  He occasionally gets money, sometimes a meal, sometimes a coffee or a cigarette.  Sometimes he gets high, sometimes he may have a drink.

But today, he sees three dudes walking down the street and calls out for help, as was his custom.  And they say yes.  Maybe he’s just gonna get a quick meal, but instead he gets three friends for about 4 hours.  They ask him questions, get to know him, act like they actually care about him and keep talking about this guy Jesus.

Well he gets his favorite meal, and then these guys invite him to church.  He figures what the heck, I got nothing better to do, plus I can get some free coffee.  Comes into a church building, which he hasn’t been in since he was a boy, and just rests.  He meets some more people, who share with him different ways the city can help him, gets prayed for again.  Now it’s getting late and time to go home.

So he politely asks for a ride back, and again, they say yes.  So he gets a ride back, gets invited to church again and they say we’ll be looking for you at the 9am, cause we’d love to see him again.  He gets told about Jesus and how his church is full of people that love God and love others and want to be in community with him.

He then is offered some more food for dinner instead of cash, and figures, might as well.  So get’s one last store run and a prayer, and encouragement to come back on Sunday for a service.  We’ll be looking for you!

And then we part ways.

So, pray for David.  That God would get his heart, bring him into the church, hear the gospel, get saved, start living for Jesus, live in community and share in the love of Christ.

Pray for David.

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