Meet Tracy…

Ever have one of those days where God has completely different plans for you than you thought?  This must be what its like to walk by the spirit, you never know where he is going to take you.

This last Friday I was taking a walk to this park that I normally go to in the mornings to pray. But this day it was about noon as I was taking a break from my work.  (I usually work from home on Fridays)  Well I went out to the bench I normally sit on, but for some reason it was soaking wet in the middle of a beautiful day.

So I retreated to another part of the park and sat on a log.  Now in all honesty I just wanted to have some alone time and talk with God, maybe read some scripture.  But not a minute passes and this nice older lady walks by with her mangy dog.  I say hello to be polite, and she greets me back and takes a seat.

We then strike up a conversation, which turns out to last a couple hours.  She reminds me of the lady that played the oracle on the Matrix if you’ve ever seen it.  Very mellow, very laid back, very sweet.  We make small talk for awhile and then we start talking about spirituality, and her journey and my journey.   I got to share my story with her and share the gospel.

As i listened to her story and her continual searching, I couldn’t shake this feeling that Jesus was trying to woo her back to him.  I kept getting a picture of Jesus and the woman and the well.  See she was raised as a minister’s daughter and has been exploring other paths for quite sometime.  But something is still missing.

We wind down the conversation and I feel compelled to pray for her.  That she would come home and let God do something to her, to do something in her, to do something through her.  She’s got a powerful story, and I feel like God wants to use her to reach out to others who are going through what she has been through.  Please join me in praying for her.

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