In God’s timing…

I love how God even ordains our mistakes.  Elise and I were hurrying back from a trip out to Spokane, Wa this weekend to get back in time to help some of our friends move, when we found out it wasn’t until next weekend.

The funny part is we found out 4 hrs into the 5hr drive and because one of our friends called us who was there and had made the same mistake.  So the good news was we had the next three hours free, so we decided to grab an early dinner with this gal.

We had casual conversation and then got to talking about some things going on in her life and before we knew it we were sharing the gospel with this gal and how her Identity is in Christ alone.  She’s had a difficult number of years and it was cool to hear her really open up.

The tears than came down her face were confirmation that this was a God ordained meeting.

After an hour or so we finished up, praising God for the new family that we are in by virtue of Christ’s death and resurrection.  Not only are we sons and daughters of God, but we are brothers and sisters of each other.  It was a joy to get to walk along side one of our sisters through some difficult stuff.

Just another reminder that our God doesn’t make mistakes even when we do.  His purposes are greater than ours and even in the inconsequential things of our lives, God has a plan, and a good one at that.

Thank you Jesus!

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