God answers again…

Our God is so good.

I knew it.  We’ve been looking for housing out here in Orlando, my wife for the last weekScreen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.00.54 PM and a half and I went out last Friday.  We had narrowed it down to two options, neither was ideal.  Both a little high in price, one a lot nicer than the other.

Well we were driving around praying that night (actually getting lost) and God answered in an amazing way.

You see earlier today I stopped in at the Seminary just to say hi and ask some questions of the Admissions Counselor, Tim, that works there.  We talked about classes, schedules, housing, work…etc.  And literally as I’m getting up to leave he remembers an email he saw back in November about someone who was on a six month job in Kentucky and was looking to rent rooms out.

phoneSeemed like a long shot since half of December had already went by but I gave him a call and left a message.

And literally as Elise and I are talking through options and praying for wisdom, this guy calls back and says that the place is available.  After some discussion he actually offers it at a price well below the other places and which happened to be what I had originally budgeted for.  Crazy!

Turns out it is a three bedrooms house, with a pool and a lake behind it with a running trail.  Amazing!  So God again, provides much more, for much less.  He really does have a plan and is good and loves us.  He is really providing for us here so far, no reason to think he won’t continue!

Thanks Jesus!


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