You cannot Commend what you do not Cherish…

Is there any more concise way to sum up the Christian life?

John Calvin was right, we are Idol making factories and the Idol we most fashion exasperatedand we most bow down to is our self.  Oh, that we (I) would be free from the tyranny of self.  We so often are preoccupied with what we need to do, what we ought to do.  We run around as Christians -as those who have been freed from the Law, freed from to-do lists, free from performance treadmills -as though we were still bound to the law as a slave, as thought we need to earn our worth and status, as though our performance determines how well we are doing.

The reality is the Christian life is so much better.  Author and Pastor, Tullian Tchividjian puts it this was,

“To stop obsessing over if we are getting better, is what it means to get better”

Oh how quickly we turn from the source of all joy and satisfaction and turn to our own efforts.  I want to be free of this.  And the truth is the less we are focused on our self and the more we are focused on the glories of King Jesus, the more we will actually fulfill His desires for us and for others.

That’s why this quote is soooo crucial.  You want to talk about mission?  Missions? Evangelism? Community Groups? Church Structures?  What is the only thing we really need to do?

Fall more deeply in love with Jesus.

When we bask in the freedom of the gospel, in the magnitude of God’s grace towards us, we cannot be unchanged.  We begin to cherish Jesus and cherish his mission because we have been so deeply changed.  And this is a gift in and of itself, a work of the Holy Spirit.

And so how can we become more missional?  How can we become more concerned with the lost?  Is it by more programs or more money diverted to these causes?  Perhaps, but there is a deeper solution still, and it is no secret.

cakeThe solution is to know, love and enjoy God more.  From this will stem a true desire for God and for his purposes in the world.  Only when we truly cherish God can we commend him to others.  It’s like sharing a great movie with someone, or sharing a delicious piece of Cake.  We say, hey man you gotta try this…it’s delicious.

That is the heart of mission, that is the only true, enduring and lasting motivation that will indeed bring God’s kingdom on Earth!

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