Am I called to missions?

Well, I’ve come to the end of the semester and we are finishing up our Missions class.  It certainly has had a profound impact on me these last 13 weeks.  And I suppose the most obvious question is:

Am I called to be a missionary?

missI think, through my previous posts, that I have fleshed out the difference between Mission, Missio Dei and Missions.  The question I am dealing with here is the latter.  Misison and Missio Dei are really the same idea and as Christians we are all called to God’s mission.  (For more see this post).  But for me I have to ask whether or not I am called to missions, that is going to the unreached people of the world, or at least going one-two cultural barriers away.


And the answer…drumroll please!

I don’t know.  But I really appreciated how Dr. Childers’ ending class.  He gave us a realistic picture of what becoming this sort of missionary might look like.  And usually, it is a long process.  So where do I go from here?

Prayer, as always.  But beyond that I think it is actually getting my feet wet.  I’d like toprayer go on a short term mission sometime soon and get to experience what this might look like.  In God’s providence I’ve made some new friends who are missionaries and perhaps a day is coming where I could visit them and perhaps even bring others with me.

This is an important question for us to consider.  There are vast scores of people who have never heard the gospel and we ought to be burning to bring it to them, whatever that looks like.  But a couple issues arise.

(1) Perhaps the most penetrating is that you cannot commend what you do not cherish.  There it is plain and simple.  The best motivation for bringing the gospel to others is our vast love for it.  Because we have been so radically changed and freed, why wouldn’t we want to bring that great news to others.  So an obvious answer is to dig deeper into the gospel ourselves.

(2) At least living in America, there is the constant threat of comfort and dare I say it, entertainment.  We can become all too easily distracted here.  TV, Movies, Video Games…we could go our whole lives without ever really thinking of other people.  This is the danger of living in America, but it is not beyond the life-changing grace of God that comes in Jesus Christ.  I’m praying for this, for myself, a constant vigilance against the American Dream.

With that I close this blog series and pray that God would work in my heart, and that he would work in yours, to be open to whatever work God might call us to, wherever he might call us, and whenever he might call us.

Thank you, Dr. Steve Childers for beginning to open my eyes and grow in my heart a Holy Passion for the Nations.



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