The blessing in trials…

handsThere is a radical thing that happens to you when you are a Christian.  The hardships, the trials, the turmoil that comes in the midst of life, is seen as a blessing and we can actually thank God for these things.  These hard decisions that draw us to Him.  To plead for His action.  To realize that he really is true and present.

The world sees these as inconveniences and as threats to peace.  But the Christian can know that it is the very trials that are bringing us to Jesus.  They give us opportunity to trust Him, to really trust Him with the uncertain circumstances that we all face from time to time.

Learning about God in seminary is one thing, learning about him in real life, with real, hard decisions to come to him with and to trust him with: Those are gold.  gold

Wisdom is better than much silver and gold.  Wisdom says, “trust me, I am God, I am the creator, I am the sustainer, I am the provider.  I provide not only the circumstance, but the way out.”  And in that God gets glory.

Oh how deep is the Christian life.  Our trials are turned into blessings, occasions for growth.  And our faith does grow.

My faith is growing.  We don’t have to worry, but we get to wonder.  How is He going do it?  How’s God going to provide this time?

These are precious answers.  And God is the precious remedy.

Thankful, in the midst of great trial and uncertainty.

Cades Cove

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