God gave us a van

I was on my way home from work, plans for the evening, plans for the next day…I had plans.  And then, crash, I had been in a wreck.  Someone had pulled in front of me as I was coming up to make a left hand turn.  Luckily I wasn’t hurt…only my plans suffered,wreck and the car, which ended up being totaled, we’d find out weeks later.   How could God let this happen?  I had plans to serve him, I was getting more involved in church, I had just preached my first sermon the week before.  And now, this major inconvenience?  What was He thinking?

I laid in bed the next two days and recovered from my soreness, these are the sort of breaks that God has to force me to take sometimes.  It was nice.  And then I had a week intensive class the following week.  I was dead smack in the middle of my summer semester balancing five classes, working, fathering, husbanding, churching…and now I had to deal with this car issue.

moneyFirst the news came that it was totaled and we weren’t getting what we thought it was worth.  Certainly we thought, we couldn’t replace the reliability of the 2005 Honda Civic that Elise had bought new.  We didn’t want to incur any more payments in our fragile financial state.  What was God doing?   Why had he allowed this?

The additional stress of dealing with the insurance and trying to find a car, would through off the carefully orchestrated plan I had made to survive the summer semester.  I was on the fringes again.  My wife was heartbroken that here long held car was gone.  I get it, I had to sell ‘my baby’ when we moved from Seattle.  We fall in love with our cars to some extent.

The insurance cut us to check and wished us well.  I had been researching Auto Trader and Consumer Reports all week in class trying to figure out what was the best deal for us.  Since we are pregnant with out second and hoping for more (probably) we decided to take the plunge and get a minivan.  I was actually pretty excited about that since for the most part I had let my image go.

Helping HandsAnd then God did what only God can do.  He provided a dealer through a trusted friend.  It was a 40 minute hike, but proved useful.  In a matter of days, I had test drove it, had it checked out, a couple things fixed and we were ready.  What was the price?  It was actually below what we had gotten from the bank.  The miles?  20K less than the civic.  We went for it.  And so far we have loved it.

God wrecked my plans…but he was providing for us.  He was loving us.  Not only did we get to struggle through trusting his plan through these events and get to see him provide.  But in the end we essentially upgraded from a civic to a mini-van + $900, -20K miles.  All for the headache of the accident…God is good, and his ways and his plan is better.

Thank you Jesus.