Week 3: A dip…

Ups-and-DownsThis week had its up and downs. Back in class this week, continuing to TA, planning for a Training I’m leading on Sunday, Marriage Counseling, Date Night, ministry meetings…

I realized Tuesday Night that I was depressed, which was extremely freeing to just accept that fact.  I think by Wednesday afternoon I was coming out of it.  Depression is a sucky thing, yet I’ve found the only way to stop it is to stop trying to stop it and let go of the perceived control you had.  Its kind of like quicksand…the more you struggle to prevent sinking, the more you sink.

Anyways, feeling much better towards the end of the week.  I’ve found out I should preach about 6 times this year, which is exciting.  We are weeks/days away from having our second.  I can officially start the Clinic in two weeks.  Lots of exciting stuff.  We also had some very generous donations come in this week…so very thankful for God’s grace through those people.  We continue to move forward in ministry trusting God’s provision for us.

Weeks 1&2: Here we go…

I have every intention of blogging weekly to update everyone on this new ministry season…I will do my best.


I am in semester three of the Counseling program at RTS and

about 3 classes short of fulfilling the Masters of Biblical Studies.  Last semester was the heaviest one yet; I took like 19 hours, something like 8 classes throughout.  It was pretty insane.  But I made it…we made it.  After spending two weeks at home with my family we are back at it here in Orlando.

I’ve officially come on staff as a Pastoral Apprentice at Crosspointe Church (Waterford Lakes Congregation).  My roles here include leading our Community Groups Ministry, Counseling Ministry and overall discipleship.  As I read the job description, something in my soul resonates.  It feels like what I’m supposed to be doing.  It is a great joy when you finally get to serve in what you believe God has gifted you in.  Part of my heart is to help others do the same.

My first focus at the church is implementing a strong Shepherd-Coaching structure to ensure that all of our CG leaders are well supported and healthy.  I’ve been in a dozen meetings over the last two weeks and it has been very encouraging.

It feels like a totally new season for us.  There will be much more relational work going on for me and I hope I can manage the emotional weight well.  In addition to that our second daughter will be born in the next couple weeks…so we are excited and a little stressed about that.  Big changes coming.

We’ve also began support raising again…and that is always stressful, yet God does amazing things.  After about two weeks of intentional activity God has provided about 33% of our goal, which is pretty awesome.

Please be praying for life-balance, good support systems, and provision for us.